Can I use e-wallet to trade?

I have several questions:

  1. How to start trading?
  2. How can I use e-wallet to trade?
  3. Is there android app?
  4. Is there any investing account?

Thank you for addressing these questions

Walaikum Assalam
Thank you for your questions

We have added a response to all your questions below:

1 - How to start trading?
Musaffa is currently building the world’s most accurate global screener. We currently cover 6 global markets and plan to cover more regions in the coming months.
Our plan is to build a global halal trading solution that will allow our members to screen and trade global stocks on the same platform. We are on track to deliver the trading solution this year, InSha Allah. You can signup on our platform to stay updated on our progress and new product launches.

2 - How can I use e-wallet to trade?
As stated above, we do not have a trading solution yet. We will update all our signed up members when we launch the trading platform

3 - Is there an android app?
We are on track to launch our Andriod and iOS app by the end of this month.

4 - Is there any investing account?
Musaffa currently doesn’t support any investment solution, but we do provide Halal stock recommendations on our platform.

We hope that answers your questions. Thanks