How do you screen ETFs?

Assalamu alaikum
How do you screen ETFs?

InshaAllah we will be covering all global ETFs soon. ETFs are basically a collection of stocks. When the underlying stocks are covered, ETFs will be covered automatically.

Each ETF is treated as a parent company and constituents will be treated as subsidiaries. We believe that is the best way to treat ETFs. We also have world-renowned Shariah advisors to guide us in our endeavors to provide the most accurate halal stock and ETF solution in the world.

We built an advanced technology and all the numbers will be dynamic, based on real time.

ETFs can be considered Shari’a Compliant:

i) If the ETFs buy the Shari’a Compliant stocks/Commodities
ii) They do not use derivatives to show keeping as assets .
iii) Meeting other Shari’a Screening Criteria
iv)Rules of Sarf to be followed if underlying assets are Gold, Silber, Currency.

This is a new and a complex topic and requires more research and review of individual ETF.